About Robert Koven

Robert Koven has taken over a decade of experience working on some of the largest, transformative M&A and equity capital transactions, and with the Leonis Partners founding team, created a results-oriented strategy that serves the need of growing technology firms at every level.  At Leonis Partners, Koven and his team design bespoke processes tailor-made to their clients’ needs, maintain active dialogue with the largest, most sophisticated corporations and private equity investors, and bring to bear best in-class techniques from their experience at the largest investment banks, private equity firms and corporate development teams to maximize the value of their clients’ businesses.

After working for investment banks like JPMorgan and Lazard Freres, Robert Koven and his team at Leonis with similar backgrounds believed that the techniques they learned at the largest financial institutions could be applied to growing technology businesses in the middle market where, historically, access to premier M&A and capital advice was limited.  With over 100 years of experience and advising on deals totaling over $250 billion in transaction value, the Leonis founding team and Koven immediately brought tremendous experience into middle market technology investment banking.  From its founding, Leonis has grown quickly and emerged as a leader in technology M&A and capital raising by assembling a highly qualified team at every level of the organization with deep technology domain expertise and by offering a customized solution with unconflicted advice.

The marriage of tech and finance is at the heart of the Leonis strategy. The world of technology M&A and growth equity is iterating every day, and Leonis continues to call upon Robert Koven and his team to be as agile as a startup while serving the needs of the most established names in finance. Top tech experts and consultants give Leonis Partners an edge in helping tomorrow’s major players take the necessary steps to build and grow. Growing companies know they will not scale to their potential without a finger on the pulse of software and AI development and other leading trends. Leonis is there to provide solutions. 

The Leonis philosophy is simple: superior results come from a superior foundation, and when the biggest players in finance and the nimblest players in technology want to reach the next rung, Robert Koven and the Leonis team are there to provide the reliable footing. With offices in Washington DC, New York, and Atlanta, soon to be launched on the West Coast, Leonis continues to grow its presence and ability to deliver customized and unbiased M&A and capita raising solutions for growing technology companies.

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